Our Network

During the last 20 years, we have forged and developed many mutually benefitting partnerships with many organizations (government and non government) and agencies. Below is a list of the most recent partnerships we are part of.


We have been associated with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) since 2010 on issues of Nomads and participatory research. We have co-hosted several consultations and workshops and engaged with the government to bring about policy change. A joint research and trainings on leadership are among the next collaborative processes.


Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics (GIPE), Our association with GIPE is largely related to carrying out consultations, trainings and workshops on topics of Census and Inclusion of Nomads in demographic processes. Before and after Census 2011, we had held consultations with the Census of India process especially challenges faced in including Nomads in the Census.


Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth (TMV), Pune:- TMV has been sourcing ECONET as a training and research resource agency since 2008. Some of the trainings given by us include Research in Development Sector , role of research in policy change and scope of Research vis a vis Nomads.


Directorate of Census, Maharashtra and Goa:- ECONET has been collaborating with the Directorate in including the Nomads in the process. Thus we have been able to enrol many nomads in the Census of India. This is an important feat since Nomads have not been accounted in the Census since 1930‘s.
We have also been working with the Directorate in the process of carrying out the Caste Census for which they are the nodal agency. ECONET along with TISS carried out a joint consultation with the Directorate to include a Nomad representative while carrying out the caste census and they have agreed for the same.
In the future ECONET will collaborate with the Directorate in conducting the survey for National Population Register for inclusion of Nomads.


Samyak, Pune:- With Samyak, ECONET has been working on training and research aspects as part of the process of exploring Gender as a cross cutting theme in its approach and interventions. We have in the past engaged on issues of tribal and nomad communities with youth groups, CBOs, local CSOs and engendering the processes. Samyak is also a resource agency for us to build our capacities to carry out our work in the area of Gender.


Unique Identification Authority of India ( UIDA):- ECONET has facilitated the enrolment of nearly 500 nomads for the Aadhar Card in Amravati District. This is a critical partnership as it is a pioneering effort to give nomads a formal identity. We continue to look at his as an open debate, though went ahead with the community decision of creating their primary identity documents. This is an ongoing process and is expected to cover all nomads in Maharashtra.


HID, Bangalore and Centre for Governance Studies (CGS), Ahmedabad:- ECONET along with HID and CGS organised a yearlong training programme on governance called “Governance in for Non Profits”. This was done in 2009-10 and participants came from, across the country and worked on projects on governance in their own organisations.


Abhivyakti, Nasik:- Abhivyakti and ECONET has co-hosted several workshops and we have engaged with them for building our and our partner capacities on MIS/documentation.


Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration, (YASHADA), Pune:-YASHADA collaborates with us to carry out training programmes for their staff and participants. In the past we have trained them on topics such as PESA as well as trained census enumerators and coordinators on inclusion of Nomads.