Manthan- An Ecological Advocacy Group
Overview: The Manthan Programme (erstwhile known as Law & Advocacy Programme) was initiated to bring in two fold interventions into the community processes facilitated by ECONET. These were the use of law as a tool to assert legal rights and strengthen the Community Based Organisations and other organisations by creating legal literacy. Secondly, we engage in designing and executing advocacy processes and strategies for amplifying the issues and concerns of the Adivasi and Non Pastoral Nomadic Tribes at different levels in the Government systems.
The programme envisions towards:
Empowerment shall lead to Inclusive and Just Governance.
Our Approach: De-mystify legal instruments and regimes, for strengthening the communities and facilitate the empowerment process on the ground. Implementation advocacy combined with amplifying the learning gleaned therein along with the issues & concerns of the vulnerable and marginalized communities. Facilitate leaderships in the community and our partner organizations.
Our Skills:

  • Demystifying laws and applying Operational knowledge of legislations and legal regimes
  • Designing advocacy processes and strategies and build capacities amongst the communities and partner organizations to do the same.
  • Analyse the social-political-ecological dimensions of the State and National processes and its implications on local contexts
  • Networking and building working relations with key individuals, and institutions
Work Focus:

  • To design training and capacity building processes around utilizing law as a tool for assertion of legal rights
  • Building capacities to design and strategize advocacy processes
  • Engage with Government systems to enable them to incorporate the issues and concerns of the communities
  • Develop context specific and demystified Information Education Communication material in regional language
  • Design and conduct legal action research for critiquing the existing regimes and for evolving corrective measures.
  • Build networks and facilitate collaborative praxis (Action+Reflection)
Geographical Coverage: We are currently working in the State of Maharashtra. We work with Adivasi and Nomadic and De-Notified Tribes across Maharashtra. Currently we are involved in the Districts of Pune, Yavatmal, Nanded. Future plans are to work in Nashik, Thane, and Amravati.
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