ECONET Publications


Trapeze in Transiting Livelihoods (2012) “Bio” Fuels: Revisiting our Understanding and Planning Ahead (2011-12)
Non-Timber Forest Produce Maharashtra Scenario- A Baseline Study (2009) (In Marathi and English) Aitihasik Naalbandi by Meena Radhakrishnan (2009) (In Marathi)
The Non Pastoral Nomads of Maharashtra: A Community in Transition: a Baseline survey on Socio-Economic, Health, Education and Livelihood Status (2009)

Films and Documentaries

A Documentary Film: WHO AM I? – A film on Non Pastoral Nomadic Indian Tribes (2007) (In Marathi, Hindi and English) – Voices India: A film on NTFP Initiatives in India (In Marathi)

Field Handbooks (in Marathi)

Maharashtra Land Revenue Act 1966 Maharashtra Forest Produce Management and Rules and Regulation Act 1969 Panchayat Act 1996
Criminal Acts Right to Information Act 2006 Hindu Marriage Act 1955 Bombay Tenancy And Agricultural Land Act 1948
Indian Forest Act 1927 and Forest Protection Act 1980 Tribal Forest Right Act 2006 Maharashtra Tribal Economic Improvement Act 1996 Panchayat Act 1996

Papers and Reports

The Tribal Forest Rights Act: Opportunities and Challenges (Indigenous People and Forests in India, 2010) by Krishna Srinivasan Instilling Governance in ECONET (Sushasan, 2010) by Anuja Krishna

Balance sheet for 2016-17

Balancesheet &FC 4 2016-17

A Report on the State Level Consultation of “People Collective: Maharashtra” (2009) Implementation Status of PESA 2011 by Manthan (In Marathi)
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