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ECONET introduction cannot be complete without mention of Mr. Adi Patel the founder of ECONET, was the youngest person I have worked with. His youth was all about riding on the change and looking forward to possibilities / alternatives. Adi had wide experience of working at UN and other International organizations; he led the initiatives of formation of National offices for Voluntary organization and had a keen interest and understanding of grassroots initiatives. With these experiences, he had thought of ECONET (ECOlogicalNETworking Initiative) an organization which primarily engages with Government to bring forth the peoples’ perspective.The organization in its initial years looked at Environment concerns in South Asia and India, learning form the experiences in Global North and initiating/facilitative processes in the local region.As we journeyed ECONET felt the need to engage on close home issues and invest in long term interventions on the issues of Forest and Land. With the stake holding communities at its center, Adivasi (forest dwellers) and later Nomadic communities (Hunter gatherers) became its main companions.

Right from its inception ECONET had defined itself as a Support Organization focusing on building and strengthening local Human Resource with the belief that the ability to resolve any situation is rooted in the communities. There is need for support and build skill in order to facilitate these processes and for the communities to engage with diversities from the position of strength.

In this context ECONET positioned itself as a platform to contribute in leadership processes. We supported Individuals, groups and local organizations in the process of building capacities, perspectives, leaderships and Networks. In this process our focus has always been on communities and local organizations.

ECONET also believes in inward looking processes. The Values of Equity, Gender Justice and development are as much part of organizations lifeblood as much as the subject of the organization. T his has contributed to the vibrancy and focus of the organization.

Our expertise in the field of Human and Institutional Development and expertise on Participatory Research has become integral part of our identity with organizations working on diverse issues sourcing us for support in these areas.

Adi’s vision and ongoing contribution from our Board Members has been pivotal to continuous growth of ECONET ….

Anuja Krishna

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